06 September 2019

The Section 106 Process: Understanding How Appendix C of the BLM-SHPO Protocol Plays Out On The Ground

At the Bureau of Land Management New Mexico State Office, I have been learning a great deal about what it takes to manage our public lands from the perspective of a Cultural Resources Specialist.
02 November 2018

A Valuable Internship

The morning of January 16th, 2018, I embarked on a five hour drive from my hometown in Reedley, CA to South Lake Tahoe, CA; to begin a new job with the USDA Forest Service. I…
17 October 2018

The Abbey Brook in Springfield, MA

I have learned so much during my brief time working with Fish and Wildlife employees. I have done a range of projects from fishing, gardening on a pollinator garden, and assisting with a bird banding…
16 October 2018

Teach the mind, touch the heart

As suddenly as an afternoon thunderstorm in the mountains after a morning of clear, bright skies, the summer has started and quickly almost passed. Since moving out here, I’ve been anxious for the summer –…
15 October 2018

USFS – San Juan National Forest, Pagosa Springs

It has been a beautiful season, so far, here at Chimney Rock National Monument. My day begins by arriving to the office at 8am. I meet with my supervisor and the other Chimney Rock Rangers…

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