A Mexican-Filipina Filmmaker

Focused on Community

While filming Outlier, Dani also discovered that filmmaking took grit and determination to make a film that was not just about putting something together but rather forming a piece of art that will impact lives.

Diversifying the Workforce

for a Better Tomorrow

Nina Marti is a Program Manager for the MANO Project and works with federal land management agencies like the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to provide internship and fellowship opportunities to young professionals of color.

From an Internship to a

passion for conservation

One summer interning with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would change her perspective and passion drastically on environmental science and education.

Learning to Build

A Resilient Ministry

Pastor Almanidia knew deep inside she wanted to make an impact in her congregation and community. Now, she strives to bring those same trainings to leaders of her church to help them heal and restore.

Overcoming Hardships

Through Hope and Strength

From that mountaintop to now uplifting Latino voices nationwide, Karina Meza is part of something bigger and contributing to our comunidad at a large scale.

Establishing Access

HAF helps Latinos throughout the nation access opportunities that help improve their lives, communities and the nation as a whole.

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Developing Leaders

Through trainings, events, information and support, HAF helps leaders strengthen their capabilities and position them to have a lasting impact on their communities.

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Elevating Voices

Whether connecting Latinos with decision makers or media, ensuring their voices are heard is critical to creating change, guaranteeing equity and preserving cultural heritage.

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Underrepresented Areas

While there are many areas where the Latino perspective is underrepresented, HAF promotes equity and responsibility in various aspects of their lives.

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