Nuestros Bosques (Our Forests) initiative aims to increase equitable access to urban tree canopy while increasing community engagement and decision-making in local urban forestry and tree planting in Latino, Indigenous and disadvantaged communities.


Urban Forestry

The urban canopy provides enormous benefits, from reducing the urban heat island effect and reducing energy bills, to absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants, shortening hospital stays, reducing asthma rates in surrounding neighborhoods, and lowering stress, noise, and damage from wind and water. Regarding climate benefits, planting trees along streets and in parks to increase the urban tree canopy can remove millions of tons of carbon dioxide a year from the atmosphere.


Hispanic Access Foundation as a National Passthrough Partner

 Hispanic Access Foundation received a $25 million award from the United States Forest Service as a national passthrough partner “Nuestros Bosques IRA Initiative” promoting Justice40, Ten-Year Urban Forestry Action Plan, State Forest Action Plans, congressional, and America the Beautiful priorities. In commitment to the intent of the Forest Service and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), 80 percent will flow directly to disadvantaged communities.

Why it Matters

An expanded urban tree canopy offers communities relief in the shade from extreme heat.

Through access to nature, we hope to promote healthy well-being.

By providing paid opportunities, we can expand workforce opportunities and grow our urban tree canopy. 

Funding for Project or Publication was made possible by a grant from the USDA Forest Service's Inflation Reduction Act Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program.

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