08 September 2022

Hands-on, On-site

It has come to the point in my internship where--thanks to the Hispanic Access Foundation--I am working on-site at Harpers Ferry Center in West Virginia! While I usually work remotely, these past two weeks I've…
07 September 2022

So much to do and so many people to meet!

Woah, happy September everyone! I can't believe summer is wrapping up and soon the leaves will turn.
06 September 2022

Endless Connections

It has been about 3 months since I began my position as a Special Uses Resource Assistant in the Forest Service. There is not a day that I don’t learn something new, whether it is…
02 September 2022

Inspiration or Interpretation?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I mention the word interpretation? A language interpreter translating sentences? A student interpreting Shakespeare for the first time? In the National Park Services interpretation is…
02 September 2022

IMPROVE-ing Our Nation's Air Quality

Air pollution is an ever-increasing issue we face globally as we see a rise in wildfires and wildfire severity, vehicle emissions, manufacturing, and more.
01 September 2022

Mt. Baldy Recreation

 I wake up early on a Friday morning, and to say I’m not a morning person would be an understatement. I grovel at my multiple alarms going off at various times and snooze is hit…

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Have you tuned in to this panel discussion with leaders of our Hispanic Leadership Network? Powerful words are bein… https://t.co/CmPR4lIfMO
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Tune in now for our "Water Justice in Colorado, Community-Centered Challenges and Solutions" virtual briefing!… https://t.co/2XawnO5tNI
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TUNE IN TODAY: Latino leaders in Colorado are leading the fight for water justice. Join Rep. Elizabeth Velasco from… https://t.co/pUTR3TyYki
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