26 March 2021

HLN Members Provide Support to Their Communities During COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by: Karina Meza

Hispanic Leadership Network members have found themselves on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing spiritual, emotional, and physical support to their congregants and community. Through prayer, a listening ear, and even dropping off groceries or medicine for those in quarantine, they’ve served their community, even while feeling the effects of secondary trauma, such as fatigue and anxiety. Perhaps the seminary did not prepare them for this type of frontline work, but their pastoral hearts have driven them to ensure all those around them are cared for spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Moreover, it is important to ask ourselves, “Who is caring for the clergy?” Who is reaching out to them when they are personally affected by COVID-19? Peer support for Faith leaders is crucial in order to continue to thrive. For this reason, not only is the Hispanic Leadership Network providing much-needed leadership development for clergy, but it also has created a safe place for leaders to lean on each other during these critical times. This peer support has not only helped ecclesial leaders with overcoming the virus themselves and also with grieving the loss of loved ones from COVID-19 through a connected network that provides prayer, encouragement, and most importantly collegial friendship. 

In one instance, Pastor Dussan and Senior Advisor and Ministerial Mentor Dr. Colop spoke on the phone, prayed for, and encouraged a fellow HLN pastor who was suffering from the virus. As soon as he recovered, Dr. Colop went to Florida to visit with him and celebrate his victory from COVID-19.

In another, after receiving word of a beloved pastor in Laredo, Texas dying of COVID-19, Dr. Colop reached out to HLN pastor David Delgado, who knew this fellow pastor.  Together Dr. Colop and Pastor Delgado attended and honored the life of this long-time public servant.

During this difficult time, it’s important to check on your friends and loved ones to provide support as we all find a way to navigate through the pandemic.

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