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11 October 2023

Agua Corriente: The Latino Connection to Waterways Report

Publishers: Hispanic Access Foundation
Author: Hispanic Access Foundation
Topics: Advocacy, Climate Change, Conservation, Public Lands Protection, Public Opinion, Voting
Geographic Focus: National

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Rivers and streams, the lifeblood of our planet, have sustained human civilization and ecosystems throughout history. These meandering currents, majestic flows, and interconnected networks shape the very essence of our natural world, including where and how we live. This report delves into the significance of rivers, their role in the water cycle, and the vital link between healthy rivers and the cultures that are sustained by them. 

In particular, we aim to explore the profound connections between Latino communities and two iconic rivers: the Colorado and Mississippi Rivers. Focusing on these waterways and their ties to Latino heritage highlights their cultural, historical, and environmental importance in shaping Latino communities and their relationship with running waters. We will explore the latest research, examining case studies, and analyzing successful conservation strategies.

This is also available in Spanish.

Last modified on 17 January 2024

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