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30 April 2021

HEARTWIRED TO LOVE THE EARTH: Communications Toolkit

Publishers: Hispanic Access Foundation
Author: Shanna Edberg
Topics: Conservation
Geographic Focus: National

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Over the course of 2020, HAF implemented a project, led by five of our key faith leader partners, that uses Heartwired messaging strategies to persuade audiences to act on ocean conservation. The Heartwired research from Heartwired to Love the Ocean shows people have certain mindsets that can open them to being persuaded to act for conservation. While the Heartwired research was specific to ocean conservation, we believe these mindsets can apply to other conservation and climate topics, and that tapping into them with your messaging can motivate people to action. In 2021, we expanded the scope of the project to include not just ocean and river conservation, but also land conservation and climate protection. This Heartwired to Love the Earth Communications Toolkit is an effort to summarize and apply Heartwired messaging strategies to topics beyond the ocean,  though we recognize these messaging recommendations have not been explicitly researched as was Heartwired to Love the Ocean.

This toolkit is intended to be a guide for advocates and community leaders who want to motivate broad audiences in support of conservation and climate action. The first section is a set of recommendations that can apply to any of the conservation topics in this toolkit. You may think of these recommendations as a checklist that ensures that you are leveraging the ways that your audience’s emotions, values, beliefs, identities and lived experiences shape their attitudes and behaviors, and emphasizing storytelling and empathy as a way to persuade audiences to act in support of conservation and climate protection. 

Following the Recommendations are sections containing brief overviews of the importance of land, freshwater, ocean, and climate protection - what is at stake, and why we do what we do, in simple language. For those who may be newer to conservation or need a more in-depth introduction to the “why” of these topics, longer factsheets are included as a supplement to this toolkit. Following the overview of each conservation topic, we give a list of examples for communicating about these topics, which are based on Heartwired methodology. Lastly, each section includes talking points and social media guidance.

For in-depth information on how these conservation topics relate to Latino community health, cultural heritage, jobs and economy, recreation, and public opinion, please see HAF’s 2021 Conservation Policy Toolkit in English and Spanish. You may also wish to view our Policy Recommendations on these topics. 

The toolkit is also available in Spanish. 

Last modified on 07 July 2021

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