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08 May 2024

Hispanic Access Launches the Conservation Network

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Hispanic Access is excited to announce the launch of the Conservation Network. Our Conservation Network will connect, build, and empower Latino professionals committed to tackling pressing challenges in land, ocean, and waterways conservation, climate action, and ensuring equitable access to public lands.

The Conservation Network will help guide conservation efforts while actively engaging the Latino community. Joining the network provides the opportunity to utilize one’s professional skills and continue to hone them, learn new skills, collaborate with other conservation professionals, and meet Latino leaders across the country.

“Our conservation team has grown and expanded to include public lands, waterways, ocean, and climate,” said Christine Tamara, Hispanic Access Chief of Networks. “We want our Conservation Network to represent all of our focus areas and play a pivotal role in bringing significant positive changes to the future of our organization.”

Hispanic Access’ networks actively listen to Latino leaders to identify community needs and guide the missional work, provide learning opportunities for them to move from the sidelines to the frontlines, elevate their voices through community engagement and action, and engage them around issues and topics that are relevant to their communities. With a diverse pool of experts, Hispanic Access' leadership networks have been able to form and create substantial contributions to the knowledge, direction, and movement of policy and program work in our conservation and other expert areas.

“We are excited to launch the Conservation Network and we anticipate expanding and providing more Latino community representation through this new network as we work towards our goal of engaging 10,000 Latino leaders across the states and Puerto Rico by 2033,” said Maite Arce, president and CEO of Hispanic Access.

Hispanic Access leverages and elevates the expertise, talent, and passion of our young, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color professional networks to develop a shared narrative around environmental justice, workforce development, health, finance, and immigration. If you want to apply for the Conservation Network, you can apply here.

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