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01 January 2024

Hispanic Access Welcomes New Waterways Manager

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Hispanic Access is delighted to announce the transition of Vanessa Muñoz from Conservation Manager to Waterways Manager to develop and refine the organization's waterways conservation strategy and long-term goals as the conservation program is scaling up in geographical focus, partnerships, network growth, and the elevation of Latino advocates and leaders for conservation.

Muñoz holds a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and Management from Cal Poly Humboldt. Before joining Hispanic Access, she served as an AmeriCorps at Friends of the Dunes in Arcata, California. It was during her time at this non-profit organization, that she cultivated a passion for the conservation and protection of natural resources and ecosystems.

“It’s rare to find an organization that encompasses the same passion for helping Latino communities thrive,” said Muñoz. “In my work with other non-profit organizations, there was always that lack of participation and presence of Latinos. It wasn’t until I joined Hispanic Access that I was able to understand how we can help Latinos be present and leaders in their communities.”

Muñoz will plan, execute, and oversee a portfolio of waterways conservation projects, cultivate relationships with government agencies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and other stakeholders to foster collaborative efforts and engage in advocacy efforts to promote policies and regulations that protect ocean and coastal communities, ecosystems, and biodiversity, and establish clear program objectives and key performance indicators.

“Vanessa possesses a deep understanding of waterway ecology and the inherent connection that exists between underrepresented communities and their natural surroundings,” said Maite Arce. “We are excited to increase our capacity and impact to help bring clean water access for all, access to freshwater recreation for traditionally underserved communities, and resilience to droughts and flooding, which Latino communities are particularly vulnerable to.”

Hispanic Access’ conservation program seeks to elevate diverse Latino voices and leaders to support Latino communities to advocate for the environmental issues that directly affect their daily lives. To learn more about the conservation program, visit

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