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27 July 2023

MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY: Celebrating 10 years of Latino Conservation Week in Partnership with Hispanic Access Foundation

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The sun rises over the eelgrass beds of Elkhorn Slough as birds fly over, creating a backdrop of harmonious noise. Along the shores of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary the waves crash along the large rocks while otters gather near the kelp forest.

Trails remain open for all to explore these landscapes; to enjoy the wonders of nature from the smallest insects to the tallest trees. Yet for many communities, even those who reside so close, the majesty of the natural world can seem so far away. Opportunities to explore nature, along with connecting to community leaders, could be few and far between despite the passion for nature that the Latine culture embraces.

That is the goal of Latino Conservation Week. From the beauty of la tierra to the joyas del mar, the beauty of nature surrounds our communities every day. Latino Conservation Week is demonstrating this community’s commitment to conservation. Whether hiking a trail, cleaning up a beach, or bird watching, this week is all about providing opportunities to get outdoors and show their support for protecting community land, water, and air.

Events across the country from Monterey to Maryland are being held to provide Latine families and youth with outdoor recreation opportunities near their homes. These events are being held to provide Latine families and youth with outdoor recreation opportunities near their homes. That includes right here in the tri-county area where several events are taking place in Monterey, Castroville, Salinas, and Watsonville. The Monterey Bay Aquarium will be holding a Community Pachanga at Heritage Harbor near the Old Fisherman’s Wharf on July 15, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Wherever your comunidad is, Latino Conservation Week is a chance for la gente, from adults to children, to explore, learn, and protect nuestra tierra. While celebrated during this special week, the Latine community's commitment to conservation is year-round. It begins with the smallest actions like reducing plastic usage to the pursuit of connecting with nature. Nuestra tierra is everywhere: it is the flowers growing out of the concrete, the rain in the winter, the singing birds atop the street signs, and the breeze that passes every evening. This Latino Conservation Week is a time to connect or reconnect with our planet and carry that inspiration to protect our planet, and our communities, for years to come.

Written by Randy Wilder for the Monterey County Weekly.

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