14 July 2021

Operación Polinización and Other Fun Projects

Written by: Nathanael Houston

Since my last blog, it’s been an amazing few weeks! I have been very focused on translating fishing, hunting, and refuge information brochures as well as trail signs and reformatting them to have them ready to be put out in the refuge. I’ve even done some translating for a few of Muscatatuck’s partner organizations such as the Junior Duck Stamp Program! I’m not sure why but, I have always loved translating and I hope I get to do a lot more of that while I’m here!

Another exciting project that I have been working on is our Latino Conservation Week event for this summer, “Operación Polinización” (“Operation Pollination”)! During this event, I will give a talk in Spanish about the different pollinator species that we have at Muscatatuck and their importance to the maintenance of our ecosystem. The focus will be on one of everyone’s favorite butterflies – the monarch butterfly. We’ll talk about their love of eating milkweed, the incredible two-way migration that they make every year, and easy ways that anyone can help protect and maintain their populations. After that, there will be a fun crafts activity for kids and a free lunch. This week, I have started taking flyers around town and meeting with community leaders and other contacts in the Latino community that I have gotten to know during my stay in Seymour to get the word out about our event. We will also have a booth set up in Seymour’s Farmers Market this week to let people know about Operación Polinización! Hopefully, we’ll have a great turnout!

I’ve also just completed the online portion of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Basic Firefighting Training course. Within the next few weeks, I should be able to complete the in-person portion of the course and have my basic certificate which will be a great asset for me as I continue to gain experience in federal positions.

A lot of the outdoor work that I’ve been able to help out with has been great as well! I helped the Department of Natural Resources band geese in a nearby town, assisted with one of the weekly waterfowl surveys in the refuge, and am helping clear out invasive plants growing in front of the refuge’s main office. I also just bought a kayak and finally got to take it out on one of Muscatatuck’s lakes last weekend and it was so relaxing!

I’m looking forward to helping out much more and continuing to learn about the awesome natural resources and people in the area!

Agency: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Program: US Fish & Wildlife Service

Location: Muscatatuck NWR

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