30 May 2021

My First Month as a Recreation Assistant

My name is Tadonisha and I am from Fontana, California currently working at Tahoe National Forest as a Recreation Assistant with the US Forest Service. I have only been working for about a month at the Tahoe National Forest and have been learning different skills I can apply later in my career goal as a wildlife conservation biologist or a zoo curator. Having this opportunity has given me the chance to network with different wildlife biologists who have been surveying the area for spotted owls. I have been approved to set up a day to go do a spotted owl survey with them and I am ecstatic to learn from them.

As recreation assistants, we give our visitors a sense of direction and they rely on us to give them information about the area and guide them in safety protocols if they meet the local wildlife. We are also historians for Tahoe National Forest because most of this area was used for mining in the gold rush era. It is close to the American River where people still pan for gold in the hopes of finding treasure and mining is still ongoing in a couple of sites. However, some areas are closed off by boulders because they pose a hazard to the public.

Hispanic Access Foundation has given me the opportunity to explore different carerr avenues, using my internship as a steppingstone. They opened doors to getting hired directly with the Forest Service in the future and want nothing but for us to follow our endeavors. I am thankful that there is an organization that sees all humans as equals and lead employers in diversifying their pool of employees.  


Agency: U.S Forest Service

Program: Resource Assistant Program (RAP)

Location: Tahoe National Forest

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