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Yashira Valentín Feliciano
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Yashira Valentín Feliciano

Program Associate, MANO Project

Yashira serves on the MANO Project, helping to place and support hundreds of young BIPOC professionals in paid federal internships across the country.

Yashira has been interested in STEM since childhood, when she participated in science fairs, and, as an adult, has had her work published in academic journals. She received an undergraduate degree in industrial biotechnology and a Master of Engineering in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez. Since then, Yashira has become an active team member, leader, mentor, and environmental science educator/spokesperson who creates bridges between academia and communities through public outreach.

Before coming to Hispanic Access Foundation, Yashira volunteered with Lead Up Mentoring Network and the Clean Water Science Network Mentorship Program. Over her career, she has collaborated with institutions including the University of Michigan; South Dakota State University; the University of Massachusetts; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Army Geospatial Research Laboratory; North Carolina State University; the Community Leadership on the Environment, Advocacy, and Resilience (CLEAR) program from Catalyst Miami; the Climate Reality Project; Sierra Club Puerto Rico; the Caribbean Climate Change School from 350.org and Voices GY; and the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center.

Why she works for Hispanic Access…

“I want to work in a place where I can help others and see how my contributions impact them for the better. I am specifically interested in supporting Latinos and people of color, and the sectors I focus on include student outreach, STEM, and environmental science and climate change. Hispanic Access Foundation has been the right fit for me—a place where I am able to move toward all my goals while working alongside others who are also striving to deliver the best for our community.”

In her spare time…

“You can find me practicing yoga and meditation, reading books, listening to music and podcasts, dancing salsa and merengue, searching for local coffee shops everywhere I go, traveling, going on weekend impromptu trips, and sharing time with family and friends.”

Her favorite book…

“I do not have a favorite book at the moment, but I do enjoy books of any genre where I can immerse my mind and allow it to wander, imagine, and create its own story so much that it feels like the plot is or could be real. Who doesn't love a good story?”

Who she finds inspirational…

“I consider my family an inspiration. They are the reason I wake up every day wanting to become a better version of myself and wanting to be there for others. My family gave their all for me to achieve what I have as a first-generation college graduate. Surviving cancer has also inspired me and taught me to overcome obstacles and fight to do what I love. I view others' lives and my own as a gift to learn about everybody's unique story and to contribute in a positive manner.”

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