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Andres Almanza Cañas
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Andres Almanza Cañas

Community Navigator

As a Community Navigator at Hispanic Access Foundation, Andres forms part of a team that connects Latino-led, Latino-serving, and tribal communities to capacity building programs. He participates in strategic planning, program design and implementation, and partnership building.

From a young age Andres has participated in initiatives to raise the voice of Latino communities. He was part of a Local food pantry and participated in partnerships with Hispanic Access. After receiving his Bachelors from University of Las Vegas Nevada, Andres decided to pursue another passion and is currently a JD candidate at Syracuse University College of Law. He hopes to utilize his knowledge, passion, and experience in his work to raise the voice and representation of underrepresented communities.


Why he works for Hispanic Access…

"After working with and in Hispanic Access I have found a passion for breaking barriers and representing those whose voices don’t always get heard. Hispanic Access has a vision and culture that empowers and enables communities to create change. This is the root of my personal desire to leave a better place for future generations."


In his spare time…

“I love to learn about what I’m passionate about. I often find myself cooking and lightly enjoying Star Wars content.”

His favorite book…

“My favorite book is yet to be read. In the past three years I have not have many opportunities to do leisure readings but I am excited and hope to soon discover my favorite book.”

A person he finds inspirational…

“Anyone who perseveres, grows, and learns from adversity and life without losing their honor and kindness has my respect.”

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