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HAF’s fundamental goal is to improve the quality of life of the Hispanic population living in the United States. There are close to 47 million Latinos currently living in the U.S., and by 2050 this number is expected to reach 140 million, according to recent projections by the Pew Hispanic Center.  A little over half of this new Hispanic population will be recent immigrants, who need access to information and support services to effectively integrate into the broader society.

Through our broad network of faith-based leaders across the country and our signature model of community engagement, HAF has developed a cost-effective strategy for changing behavior and mobilizing people to action within the Hispanic community.

The pillars of HAF’s community engagement model are:

  • Coalition building
  • Community outreach and mobilization
  • Communication campaigns
  • Our toll-free helpline service
  • Our national database of Hispanic-serving providers
  • Research, monitoring and evaluation
  • Events planning and implementation
  • Resource mapping

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More specifically we support the Hispanic community in the following ways:

Mass Media. HAF has developed partnerships with various Spanish-language media outlets across the country with the capacity to reach the U.S. Hispanic market through educational television, radio, print, and Internet media.  We implement integrated media campaigns and refer the public to our toll-free hotline or website and searchable online provider database for more information. These partnerships create a continuous feedback loop to keep us up-to-date on issues and challenges that Hispanics are facing in various parts of the country.

Telephone Hotline. We manage a bilingual toll-free Information and Referral (I&R) Service for callers from across the United States, and take calls Monday through Friday. All of our I&R Specialists are trained to address a wide variety of issues. When callers need to access local services, the I&R Specialists search our database of over 17,000 community-based service providers who offer non-discriminatory health and social services to Hispanics, to find the most accessible services. Services in our database range from health clinics to boys & girls clubs, to small business advisors and lawyers.

Electronic Media. To respond to an increase in access to new technology among our Hispanic population, we have integrated new ways to exchange information such as SMS text messaging, email, e-newsletters, e-surveys, interactive comments, and other features via our website. Now those who have access to the Internet can access our information, resources, referrals and support services any time they like.

Community Outreach. HAF organizes activities at the community level to reach the people who most need confidential, bilingual support services.  HAF has established a network of faith and community based affiliates of diverse denominations within the Catholic and Evangelical church at the national level. We are building networks of faith and community affiliates in the twenty largest Latino communities in the United States, through which we will develop and implement our programs.  Our local partners offer a trusted source of information and support for the community, and communicate critical issues and needs of the community back to our team.

News and Research. HAF also supports the Hispanic community by disseminating news and research about issues that directly affect us. We post news from other media sources about issues that affect our community, and we generate news stories about issues of concern happening in our community. We listen to our promotores, our callers and our bloggers, to keep a pulse on what is happening in our community. We also conduct surveys of our callers or visitors, of the service providers who serve our population, and from time to time we survey other stakeholders—so that we can let others know what is happening in our community or to our community and what can be done about it.

We believe that this component of news and research is critical in mobilizing people to action. We need both people within our community and our allies in the business, government, or NGO sectors who care about what happens to our community, to know what is going on and what they can do to improve things.

If you’re interested in getting involved, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter, join our network of service providers, make a donation, or visit the rest of our site to find out how you can help us improve the quality of life of Hispanics in the United States.

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