Jill Wheeler

Hispanic Access Foundation
Chief of Programs

Jill joined Hispanic Access Foundation with over ten years of experience as a grant-maker dedicated to supporting grassroots organizations in Mexico and Central America. She served for over five years as representative for Mexico at the Inter-American Foundation (IAF), handling a portfolio of grants in areas such as remittances and microfinance, small enterprise, environmental conservation, health and agriculture.

She conducted outreach to immigrant organizations across the U.S. to build binational partnerships supporting economic and social development projects in migrant-sending communities. As regional director, she managed the IAF’s Central America and Mexico team and oversaw awards totaling about $7 million annually.

Jill previously worked at Fundación Natura, a Panamanian environmental foundation, and taught high school social studies in El Salvador. She has collaborated with and advised U.S. community leaders opening charter schools, and consulted for the National Council of La Raza in the design and early implementation of its charter school development initiative. Jill received a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Harvard University and a master’s degree in foreign service from Georgetown University.

Jill is currently on sabbatical until September 2019, during which time she will be working with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.