Por la Creación Faith-based Alliance

Por la Creación Faith-based Alliance develops stewards of God’s creation by educating and engaging this generation to leave a legacy for the future. This group educates Latinos and encourages active engagement in supporting the nation’s public lands and protecting our natural resources.

Pastors bring common-sense and spiritual guidance to the national discussion about the value of our parks and public lands, and other environmental issues affecting Latinos. This leadership is instrumental in spurring change that preserves our natural treasures for future generations — bringing balance and fairness to how our nation views conservation in relation to energy development.

The Alliance seeks to encourage more religious leaders to speak up for conservation, especially in communities that are on the front lines of energy development. We need energy development, but we also need to protect wildlife and other aspects of God’s creation in our public lands. We can do both.

Top Priorities

Protecting Our Antiquities

Protecting public lands is about more than just acreage -- it’s critical to preserving places of significance and the historical and cultural heritage of ALL Americans. We have responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation and ensure its existence for future generations. We need tools like the Antiquities Act to care for these special, inspiring places.

Defending Our Public Lands

We need balance between energy development and conservation of our nation’s public lands. Public lands transfers and repealing national monument designations, which have been responsible for protecting significant ecological and cultural places, jeopardizes our history, wildlife, tourism and recreational industries.

Protecting the Colorado River

The Colorado River sustains over 35 million people, including one-third of the nation’s Latinos. The river is an integral part of our heritage and way of life; it supports wildlife, tourism and our agricultural industry. However, demand on the river’s water now exceeds its supply. We need smart water policies and to protect against pollution to keep our ecosystems intact.

Environment and Public Health

Hispanics bear a disproportionate load when it comes to health risks from toxic emissions and pollution per numerous reports. We have a moral obligation to protect our cherished air, and ensure that our communities and children are not harmed by public health issues, such as those related to methane, that we can knowingly prevent.

Engaging the Next Generation of Stewards

By 2020, half of all youth in America will be of color. By 2043, a majority of our country’s residents will be people of color. Yet a 2014 Outdoor Foundation study found that 73 percent of Americans who participated in outdoor activities were white. In simple terms, the future of public lands depends on engaging and welcoming our diverse youth.

About Us

HAF improves the lives of Hispanics in the United States and promotes civic engagement by educating, motivating and helping them access trustworthy support systems.

Phone: (202) 640-4342

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