Submerged Resources Center - Denver, CO

Underwater Archeology Intern


This internship will involve fieldwork with the National Park Service's Submerged Resources Center doing underwater archeology with parks and partners. Work will include scuba diving, boat driving, underwater mapping and documentation of archeological sites.  

Presently most of this work is scheduled for Biscayne National Park in Florida, but the intern may also have worked at Isle Royale National Park in Michigan and with other Mid-west units of the National Park System. Primary duties will be professional archeological resource management, but there will be opportunities for interpretation and education as well as outreach and public affairs. Over the course of the project, the intern will focus on technical skills for scientific diving, marine remote sensing survey, underwater site documentation as well as personal and professional development for an emerging junior colleague. The intern will be working side by side with the center’s staff members with a wealth and breadth of experience in the practice of underwater archeology and scientific diving operations.


  • MUST be enrolled in an advanced degree program in underwater archeology, maritime history or a related field
  • MUST be a certified SCUBA diver with at least 50 logged and documented dives
  • MUST have formal training in techniques of scientific diving from a program accredited by the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS)
  • MUST be able to pass the entry requirements of the NPS diving program including dive skills, physical fitness, and medical clearance
  • Be willing to work long hours in conditions that are hot, cold, wet, and uncomfortable
  • Be willing to accept a large amount of responsibility and to work with a team where all contributions are important for the completion of the mission

About the work environment:

  • Work in remote parks such as Isle Royale with little access to the internet, telephone and other modern amenities for days or even weeks at a time.  
  • Work at Biscayne National Park is very close to the vibrant Latino communities of Florida City, Homestead, and Miami, while office work in Lakewood is very close to the large Latino communities in Denver and surrounding suburbs.
  • Work will primarily be demanding field activities which necessitate strenuous exertion, including SCUBA diving (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus), swimming, boat operation, mechanical and electrical machinery operations, stooping, bending, and exposure to sun, wind, rain, and rough seas.   

About the Submerged Resources Center:

In 1980, the Submerged Cultural Resources Unit (known as SCRU) was formed and staffed by underwater archeologists and photographers to provide the expertise required by managers of national parks with submerged lands. Renamed the Submerged Resources Center in 1999 to include natural resources, the core mission of the program has remained the same: the Submerged Resources Center supports stewardship for the protection, preservation, public access and interpretation of submerged resources.