Southeast Regional Office - Atlanta, GA

Next Generation and Communications 


As main tasks, the LHIP intern will develop an outreach strategy to increase awareness of the NPS as an agency and as a community member in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area. This strategy will be adaptable for other medium and large cities within the region. It will also be used as a tool for diversity recruitment by the Regional Office. 

Some of their main objectives will include: 

  • Assist the 63 parks and 20+ programs within the Southeast Region in development and implementation of projects to engage urban youths and volunteers in a variety of activities that support the mission of the NPS
  • Provide technical expertise in writing proposals that leverage the impact of recreation resources or conservation efforts on the physical, economic, and spiritual health of local communities 
  • Raise awareness of NPS activities and opportunities for involvement in resource management or similar heritage conservation
  • Serve as education leader on a selected youth project in Atlanta for up to two weeks targeting Hispanic youths
  • Create recruitment and similar promotional materials to engage diverse audiences in and around the Southeast Region


  • The individual must have demonstrated experience in writing materials that are intended as a "call to action" - has written and designed materials that are creative, inspiring, and engaging.
  • They must also be comfortable with presenting in front of groups, including groups who may be primarily or exclusively Spanish-speakers, and be engaging, accurate, and approachable. 
  • We require a mature individual, preferably someone who is in or has completed graduate school, who can work and travel independently while maintaining a calm and professional demeanor as they represent the agency and the program. 
  • Strong skills in using a variety of computer applications and infographic design is desired

About Southeast Regional Office

The Southeast Regional Office of the National Park Service oversees parks and sites in Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida.