Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - Three Rivers, California

Park Interpreter and Marketing Advisor


This project has two related goals:

First, to improve the availability in park stores of items designed to appeal to visitors who are more comfortable in Spanish than in English, including field guides, storybooks, and scientific tools.

Second, to develop and present bilingual ranger-led activities that introduce participants to items they can purchase in park stores and use to explore the park independently.

To accomplish these goals the intern will observe the interests and needs of bilingual and Spanish-speaking park visitors, research potential merchandise for the park store that would appeal to them, and recommend merchandise that will help visitors explore park resources. They will also present ranger-led bilingual programs that were developed by last year’s LHIP intern, including a special Latino Conservation Week event highlighting the contributions of Latinx employees.

Additionally, the intern will also create a presentation for interpretive rangers on incorporating items available to visitors in park stores into their ranger-led activities. A systematic evaluation of potential merchandise will help staff who propose and approve merchandise choose items that are appealing to Latinx visitors and that align with the park stores’ mission to make educational tools available to them. Demonstrations of techniques that incorporate items available in park stores into ranger-led activities will equip staff to revise their programs to encourage visitors to use items in park stores to learn more about park resources.


  • Applicants should have a bachelor's degree or higher in marketing, business or nonprofit administration.
  • Skill in teaching or interpreting park resources is not required, but experience in these skills makes applicants more qualified.
  • Applicants should be comfortable with speaking to groups of people and insightful observers of human behavior.
  • Excellent communication skills—both oral and written—are a must
  • Spanish proficiency desired

About the work environment:

  • The intern’s time will be split nearly evenly between office work at headquarters and fieldwork in the foothills of Sequoia National Park.
  • There will be occasional daytime travel to other parts of the park for shadowing and cross-training activities. The climate in this park varies with elevation.
  • The foothills regularly have daytime temperatures of 90-100 while the mountains typically have daytime temperatures of 70-80.

About Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks: 

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks receive many local Latino visitors. Because of California’s complex history, these visitors range from recent immigrants to people whose families lived here for generations before the area became part of the United States. Regardless of their histories, many of these visitors bypass traditional visitor centers, ranger-led programs, and park-produced media. They share a love of the park with visitors from other backgrounds, but rarely join the kinds of park-sponsored activities that would bring that shared love into focus. This park is committed to creating interpretive products that engage Latino visitors and give them the opportunity to connect with others over the resources that excite them. Visitors who engage with each other—across backgrounds—will be more likely to exercise joint stewardship and less likely to dismiss each other’s distinct ways of enjoying the park.