Mass Communications

Hispanic Access Foundation uses new and traditional forms of media to communicate with our target audiences. 

Public Service Announcements

Our public service announcement campaigns have run in more than a dozen cities throughout the country. From producing the spots to securing their placement, we have reached millions of Hispanics in their own language with messages that resonate and inspire action.

Public Relations

In addition to an advertising component, we often supplement our efforts with an earned media / public relations campaign to help advance the project message and further the overall goal for influencing behavior. We’ve gained attention from national outlets like CNN and local Spanish-language newspapers and radio stations.

Online Media

We use new media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as components of our educational campaigns. Our Google Adwords and Facebook advertising have generated thousands of clicks for our projects and have helped to expose even more Hispanics to our messages.

Mass communications plays a major role in our efforts and is most effective when used in tandem with our other tools like our grassroots outreach. Not only have we been able to reach large numbers of Latinos, but we’ve also been able to build trust and recognition within the communities we work.