Adapting Conservation -- Speaking to human potential!


By: Juan Lazo Bautista

Earlier this year I joined the Conservation Education staff at the USDA Forest Service in Washington DC as...

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Historic American Buildings Survey: Honoring the past, Preserving our legacy


Rodrigo Otárola y Bentín, HAF Youth Programs Deputy Director – NPS Latino Heritage Internship Program CoordinatorCo-authored by Luke...

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June was full of guidance and personal reflection


By: Cindy Garcia

I credit my month to April Alix from the Providence Parks Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership and Janis Nepshinsky...

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Enjoyment, Education and Responsibilities


By: Stephanie Melara

One month ago, to the day, I began my internship at the Stewart B. McKinney Wildlife Refuge- although it...

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Interning at a National Wildlife Refuge Complex


By: Daniel Correa

What’s better than working at one National Wildlife Refuge (NWR)? The answer is working at multiple refuges at...

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Loss of LWCF Hurts Recreation, Cultural Heritage and Conservation


Pressure is on Congress to save one of America’s most effective programs

WASHINGTON – Yesterday, the Land and...

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New Report Underscores Importance of LWCF Sites for Latino and Diverse Communities


The Land and Water Conservation Fund Expires on Sept. 30 without Action from Congress

WASHINGTON, DC – As the Land...

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