Latino Leaders and Environmental Advocates Reiterate Support for the Clean Power Plan at Maryland Citizens’ Hearing

Latino leaders and environmental advocates defended the Clean Power Plan — the EPA’s plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants, protect public health, and encourage the development of clean, renewable energy — at a “Citizens’ Hearing” on Thursday, January 11th in Annapolis, Maryland.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has held one public hearing on the Trump administration’s plan to repeal the Clean Power Plan, in Charleston, West Virginia in November 2017 and will hold listening sessions in San Francisco, California; Kansas City, Missouri; and Gillette, Wyoming. State leaders and Attorneys General in New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania are hosting hearings in their own communities, giving Americans the opportunity to stand up for the Clean Power Plan and defend the up to $54 billion in health and economic benefits it will provide and the up to 4,500 deaths it will prevent per year by 2030.

Several Latino environmental and advocacy leaders will attend the hearing in Annapolis, Maryland and have made the following comments:

Johana Vicente, Community Organizer for Chispa Maryland, a community organizing program of MDLCV, said: “The Clean Power Plan represents a much-needed link to protect the health of low income and communities of color in Maryland. We must leave a better environment for generations to come – and this plan represents an opportunity to move forward to protect our mother earth and its inhabitants. With 68 percent of African Americans and nearly 40 percent of Latinos living within 30 miles of a coal-fired power plant in in Maryland, this plan and its environmental justice provisions are crucial for the health and safety of families here and across the nation.”

Mark Magaña, Founder & CEO, GreenLatinos, said: “Scott Pruitt and this Administration are moving forward on their devastating effort to repeal the Clean Power Plan. We are heartened that several state and local leaders are holding their own hearings, giving Americans—especially communities of color—the opportunity to stand up for the Clean Power Plan and defend the nearly $54 billion in health and economic benefits it will provide and the 4,500 deaths it could prevent per year by 2030. These hearings represent the strong public support for the Clean Power Plan, as a majority of Americans in every state supports setting strict carbon pollution regulations for polluting coal fired power plants.”

Sara Jordan, Legislative Representative at League of Conservation Voters, said: “Scott Pruitt’s attempt to scrap the Clean Power Plan is just another cynical scheme that prioritizes polluters at the expense of our health and well-being. Without the Clean Power Plan, we will miss the economic opportunities that clean energy promises. We will have more sick kids in Maryland and in the rest of the country, more expensive hospital visits, and thousands of premature deaths that could have been prevented.”

Maite Arce, President and CEO, Hispanic Access Foundation, said: “The Clean Power Plan is a public health policy that is critical to safeguarding clean air in our communities. We have a moral obligation to protect the health of the environment for future generations and maintaining the Clean Power Plan is a step towards a future of healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities. We applaud the leadership of Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and the Maryland General Assembly who are committed to providing opportunities for communities to voice their health and environmental concerns in relation to the EPA's proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan.”

Brent Wilkes, CEO, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), said: “Americans overwhelmingly support actions by the federal government to address climate change, and this latest attempt by the Trump administration does the opposite. For months, the president has taken action to undo decades of progress in environmental justice to the detriment of communities across the country. The Trump administration must recognize that making 'America first' includes protecting our environment so that all Americans can lead healthy, productive lives that are not impeded by environmental pollution.”