Lowell National Historical Park - Lowell, MA

Community Engagement and Resource Assistant 


The LHIP intern will work with The Coalition for a Better Acre to develop programming to meet the needs of the Latino community and pilot the programs with their members. For this effort, the intern will assist with creating a new Acre Brochure by engaging with partners working and living in the Acre. This brochure will help to tell the story of the Acre and its residents past and present, home of Lowell’s Latino community.    
Additionally, the intern will serve as a member of a special events team working in the Division of Interpretation and Education to present community engagement activities and special events to the local residents.  Activities such as Your City Summer, Lowell Summer Music Series, Meet us on the Merrimack and other events as determined by needs and input from the intern. The intern will also coordinate with the Digi team in creating videos and social media to engage local Latino residents. 

Some of their main objectives will include: 

  • The intern will benefit from the Park community engagement team made up of the Volunteer and Youth Program Coordinator, Chief of Interpretation, Chief of Cultural Resources, Supervisors in Education and Interpretation, Community Planner, Public and Media Specialist, Front Line Rangers, Assistant Superintendent, and Superintendent. The team’s goals include enhancing the Park’s understanding of the city’s diverse communities and developing strategies and finding opportunities for community outreach. The intern will assist us in reaching these goals. 
  • The Intern will benefit by utilizing both technical and creative thinking in developing meaningful programs connecting the park’s resources with the Latino community. Determining the needs of the Latino community and incorporating these needs in special programming.
  • This position will enhance their leadership skills through working with the Coalition for a Better Acre in developing and piloting the programs. 
  • Intern will also be working directly with Interpretation, Education and the Coalition for a Better Acre to make sure that all aspects of the programs are identified and are meaningful to the residents.
  • The Intern will gain skills as an interpreter.  Participating in training workshops to learn interpretive techniques for formal and informal talks.  
  • The Intern will be working with the Education division to gain knowledge in how educational programming are connected to the park’s resources.

About the Lowell National Historical Park ­ Lowell, Massachusetts

Discover the continuing revolution. Lowell’s water-powered textile mills catapulted the nation – including immigrant families and early female factory workers – into an uncertain new industrial era. Nearly 200 years later, the changes that began here still reverberate in our shifting global economy. Explore Lowell, a living monument to the dynamic human story of the Industrial Revolution. For more information, visit: http://www.nps.gov/lowe/learn/index.htm