Everglades National Park - Miami, FL

Archives Outreach Intern


The South Florida Collections Management Center (SFCMC), located in Everglades National Park, acts as the museum and archival services provider for the five NPS units in the South Florida region. One of the primary calls for services being provided by the SFCMC is increased accessibility to museum and archival collections. In order to meet this need, the SFCMC will work with the LHIP intern in developing strategies to reach new audiences and expand upon content that has been available through traditional strategies. The Archives Outreach Intern will conduct research into the cultural history of Everglades and Dry Tortugas National Parks, and provide updated archival photographic and textual content to the park's website coordinator. The intern will also help support an ongoing photograph digitization project with the Open Parks Network through Clemson University. Additionally, the intern will assist with providing metadata content or photograph identification to digitization specialists working on this large scale project. The intern may also have the opportunity to assist with exhibit development and preparation as part of the SFCMC team. 

Some of their main objectives will include: 

  • Conduct research into the history of two of the National Park Service units in the South Florida region
  • Collaborate with members of the public affairs division to coordinate park website content development
  • Collaborate with representatives from Clemson University to support a large scale photo digitization project
  • Assist with increasing accessibility to NPS museum and archival collections through various media/digital venues



  • All degrees may be considered, but preferred fields of study include archival or museum science, history, sociology, anthropology or other social sciences
  • Having strong computer skills and creative ideas for reaching diverse audiences would help you excel in this project! 
  • Be energetic :) 

About Everglades National Park - Miami, Florida:

Everglades' wet sawgrass prairies, dry tropical hardwood hammocks and pinelands, mangrove swamps and Florida Bay and Gulf Coast estuaries provide habitat for a wildlife spectacle like no other. The Everglades are typically hot and humid from May through November. Temperatures reach average highs of 90°F, with humidity over 90%, and a heat index of over 100°F. Wet conditions and higher temperatures bring about significant changes in the Everglades landscape.