What We Do

Whether we are helping Latinos build their financial literacy, explore new workforce opportunities, become environmental stewards or advocate for one’s health, trust and a commitment to equity is at the core of everything we do. Our initiatives, programs and grassroots outreach efforts are aimed at empowering and inspiring individuals to improve themselves and their families and, in turn, strengthen their communities and their country.

HAF connects Latinos to opportunity by exposing them to reliable and relevant resources, promoting civic engagement and serving as their trustworthy partner. We have developed extensive, trust-based community networks, including those in communities that are the hardest to reach, that when combined with our robust technology, operations, media and communications platforms guarantees success.

Our ability to cultivate leaders and develop advocates and connect them with our partners ensures long-term successes and systemic change.

Establishing Access

Breaking down barriers, opening doors and clearing the path — HAF makes establishing access a top priority. From connecting communities with issue experts and decisionmakers to providing firsthand experiences, information, resources and even job opportunities, HAF helps Latinos throughout the nation access opportunities that help improve their lives, communities and the nation as a whole. For example, our MANO Project provides young Latino students and professionals with access to internship and fellowship opportunities with various government agencies.


Developing Leaders

Not only does HAF look to develop the skills and capacity of Latinos in order to cultivate their leadership, we also support the rise of their profile and influence as leaders. By providing trainings, information and support, we expose leaders to opportunities that strengthen their capabilities and help position them to have a lasting impact on their communities. For example, our Hispanic Leadership Network provides pastors with an intensive, customized program of leadership training and reflection to better prepare them to lead initiatives and church programs that enhance the vitality of their congregations and serve the unique needs of multigenerational Latino communities.

Elevating Voices

As leaders and advocates develop, HAF strives to provide opportunities to elevate their voices to truly create a sustainable impact throughout the country. Whether connecting leaders with elected officials, helping them share their perspective via the media or starring in one of HAF’s films, ensuring that the Latino community has a platform for their voices to be heard is critical to creating change, guaranteeing equity and preserving cultural heritage. For example, HAF’s conservation program provides leaders with opportunities to meet with decisionmakers to encourage support for policies, like the Land and Water Conservation Fund, that provide tremendous benefit to communities nationwide.

Featured Projects

  • MANO Project

    El propósito principal de MANO Project (My Access to Network Opportunities) es conectar, construir y desarrollar líderes Latinos que compartan un interés por servir y fortalecer sus comunidades. Queremos ayudar a crear capacidad de liderazgo en las comunidades Latinas y…

  • Conservation

    Hispanic Access Foundation’s conservation program seeks to elevate diverse Latino voices and leaders to support Latino communities to advocate for the environmental issues that directly affect their daily lives. Our programming seeks to build bridges of access for Latinos to…

  • Hispanic Leadership Network

    Hispanic Leadership Network es un proyecto de cinco años financiado por Lilly Endowment que busca desarrollar un programa de mentores y liderazgo para apoyar a pastores Latinos jóvenes de carrera media y con experiencia prestando servicio en congregaciones rurales y…

  • Latino Conservation Week

    La iniciativa de Hispanic Access anima a los Latinos a disfrutar de la naturaleza y participar en actividades para proteger nuestros recursos naturales.

  • Por la Creación Faith-based Alliance

    Por la Creación Faith-based Alliance desarrolla gestores de la creación de Dios al educar e involucrar a esta generación a dejar un legado para el futuro. Este grupo educa a Latinos y fomenta la participación en la protección de las…

About Us

HAF improves the lives of Hispanics in the United States and promotes civic engagement by educating, motivating and helping them access trustworthy support systems.

Phone: (202) 640-4342

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