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20 August 2014

Hispanic Voter Perspectives on Conservation and Environmental Issues

Publishers: Hispanic Access Foundation , Latino Decisions
Author: Latino Decisions
Topics: Advocacy, Antiquities Act, Climate Change, Colorado River, Conservation, Public Lands Protection, Public Opinion, Voting, Water Issues, Heat & Drought
Geographic Focus: National

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Over the last three years, conservation and environmental advocates have taken important steps to investigate the perspectives of Latino voters on a broad range of pressing issues. This research brief highlights evidence from nine different surveysi of the Latino electorate conducted between 2011 and 2014. The results across these studies produce consistent results indicating that Hispanics have clear, established views on conservation and environmental issues. More specifically, Latino voters consistently articulate concern about pollution, and global warming, and are overwhelmingly supportive of a broad policy agenda actively addressing these problems. Furthermore, this segment of the electorate views economic growth as perfectly compatible with conservation and a clean-environment policy agenda. Hispanic voters want policy makers to take clean air and natural resource preservation considerations into account when making decisions about energy policy and other developments with a direct impact on the physical environment.


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