Chamizal National Memorial - El Paso, TX

Segundo Barrio (Second City) Outreach 


This project was initiated by the 2016 LHIP intern for Chamizal National Memorial, and it produced a successful partnership with El Paso Parks and Recreation and hundreds of contacts with neighborhood kids which exposed them to the NPS, the Memorial, and NPS values. 
From this experience, the LHIP intern will learn or develop skills in communication, resource interpretation in multiple languages, networking, developing a work plan, collaborating on team projects, working with NPS partners, planning for safety using operational leadership strategies, and researching park resources. As determined by time and interest, there will also be opportunities for the Resource Assistant to learn skills and gather experience in regular operations in the Cultural Center, staffing an informational booth and interacting with the public during large events such as Music Under the Stars concerts in June, and presenting interpretive programs to adults. 
Some of their main objectives will include: 

  • Work through El Paso Parks and Recreation to meet and deliver interpretive programs to neighborhood children during June.
  • Be involved  in planning, leading and promoting of the Trailblazers Find Your Park (TFYP) program
  • Plan a three-day day camp focusing on NPS and Chamizal National Memorial themes 
  • Contribute to web and social media content as it relates to program activities.
  • Produce an audio-visual presentation about the internship as a form of final report


  • Bilingual fluency in English and Spanish
  • Be outgoing and able to speak to community members in groups or individually
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic about working with groups of children and youth aged 6 to 16
  • Have self-motivation and time management skills
  • Have the flexibility to work in a variety of settings with varied personalities, cultures and languages

About Chamizal National Memorial - El Paso, TX

Chamizal National Memorial is situated in the middle of the oldest and poorest neighborhoods in El Paso, including El Segundo Barrio and Chihuahuita. Although some of the older residents of this area lived through the events surrounding the settlement of the Chamizal dispute, including the establishment of Chamizal National Memorial, many younger residents do not know about the history of the memorial. This newest generation often does not recognize that the memorial grounds are a national park or even what national parks in general are about. Though some young people may come with parents to the memorial grounds during large, outdoor events, they often don’t have an opportunity to visit the museum or interact with interpretive media in a way that allows them to connect intellectually or emotionally to this place which is part of their heritage.