Casa Grande Ruins National Monument - Grant, NM

Cultural Resources Intern - Archeology


The intern will work closely with the park’s Exhibit Specialist and Archeologist on heritage site management, including preservation of earthen ruins; architectural documentation; condition assessments of the front and backcountry sites; museum, archive, and library management; and assisting with the supervision of youth crews. Additionally, the intern will also be able to pursue an independent archival/historic preservation/museum-based research project. The intern will be encouraged to present their research and/or internship experience to park staff, volunteers, and the general public.Visits to other Southern Arizona parks and to the region’s museum curation facility (the Western Archaeological Conservation Center in Tucson) can be arranged. Some of the main objectives for field projects are:

  • Working with staff and indigenous youth crews on preserving historic architecture
  • Collaborating in the preservation of backcountry archaeological sites, including the backfilling of erosional channels and rills.
  • Monitoring and deploying integrated pest management procedures at archaeological sites.
  • Expand opportunities for visitors to engage with park resources through digital media


  • Interest and/or experience in fields pertaining to archeology, historic preservation, museums, and cultural resource management
  • Experience and ability to work long hours outdoors and in hot temperatures
  • Familiarity with Microsoft software
  • Valid driver’s license

About the work environment:

  • Casa Grande Ruins is located in the Sonoran Desert. It is important to stress the heat and dryness of this region in the summer. Day-time temperatures are usually over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and highs can reach 110 degrees.  
  • Field work will occur in the morning (perhaps starting as early as 6 am) and conclude by lunchtime for indoor/office activities to escape the heat. As such, field and office work will be pretty well-balanced.
  • Endurance and experience with desert heat would be beneficial.  
  • Casa Grande Ruins is a small park and usually only hosts one intern per year.

About Casa Grande Ruins National Monument:

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument preserves a group of structures, including the well-known Casa Grande itself, belonging to the Ancestral Sonoran Desert people of the Hohokam Culture. This large farming community was located at the end of a prehistoric canal system just south of the Gila River. The Great House, which dates to the 14th century, was named in 1694 by Father Eusebio Kino. As the oldest federally managed archeological preserve in the United States, the park’s administrative buildings are also historic and date to CCC era construction in the 1930s.