Faith-Based Leaders

Our work in communities across the country is made possible thanks to the relationships we have built within the faith-based communities. 

Why Faith-Based Communities?

Some of the most trusted leaders in Hispanic communities are faith-based leaders: Catholic priests and Evangelical pastors.

We work closely with these faith-based communities to design and implement our programs, thereby ensuring their cultural relevance and efficacy.

Many of our grassroots events are held in local churches.  We work closely with pastors to recruit participants, identify community members to participate in our field team, and help facilitate workshops and events.

We also create new employment opportunities. In the last year, our field team included 35 people from 10 different faith-based communities across the country. 

Our ability to connect with Latinos at a very grassroots level through faith-based communities sets us apart from other organizations.  It also helps us build relationships of trust that allow us to really make a difference.