Partner With Us

HAF works with a variety of private foundations, government agencies, community organizations and corporate businesses that are interested in joining our mission.

Since we were founded, we have partnered with groups such as the Hewlett Foundation, American Rivers, REI Co-op, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, H&R Block, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and hundreds of faith-based and community organizations.

How We Use Our Resources

We strive to make the most of the resources we are entrusted with and make sure that at least 85% of our funding goes directly to our programs in the field, where they have the most impact. As a result we have implemented cost-effective, proven strategies to help us maximize our efforts, increase our reach and deliver unparalleled results.

Our exceptional grassroots network of faith-based and community leaders provides unmatched access to communities across the country. Additionally, we take reporting seriously and provide our sponsors with detailed reports on the number of people reached, number of participants, outcomes and various other criteria.

Underwrite a Campaign or Project

If you are interested in developing a strategic partnership or funding a specific project with HAF, please contact Executive Director Maite Arce for more information.

Contact Maite