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When it comes to taxes, many Hispanics face an uphill battle wrought with barriers such as language, fraud and misinformation. Building an accurate tax history is an important step to work towards establishing citizenship, building a financial plan and achieving long-term financial success. Hispanics, particularly those with limited English proficiency, need access to quality information in their language and to bilingual tax experts to help build their understanding about taxes.

To help address Spanish-speaking taxpayers’ needs for trustful and credible help, the Hispanic Access Foundation has launched an eight-city outreach and educational campaign in partnership with H&R Block, the world’s largest tax services provider.

These free workshops will help build the understanding of the U.S. tax system, provide the tools to protect against fraud and misinformation in the tax preparation process, information on obtaining an ITIN, if necessary, and help establish an accurate tax history, which is an important step in the path to citizenship.

HAF has received thousands of calls to its helpline regarding questions, confusion, fraud and other concerns about their taxes. Since 2010, HAF and H&R Block have partnered with nearly 700 churches in 18 major cities to bring these free bilingual tax workshops, tax advice and materials to those seeking reliable and trusted guidance about how to navigate the U.S. tax system.

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