Annual Report 2011

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Letter from the Executive Director from 2011 HAF Annual Report

2011 marked the first full-year for Hispanic Access Foundation and we have truly been blessed by all of those that have supported us in one-way or another.

Hundreds of leaders in our faith-based and community network took up the torch in transforming information into action.  Partners  like H&R Block and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recognized the importance of grassroots outreach into Hispanic communities. Thousands of Latino families throughout the country embraced  our organization, took advantage of the information in our campaigns and took action to improve their futures.

The bridges that we are building are changing lives.

As you read through this annual Report, it should become apparent that what HAF does in reaching the Hispanic community is unlike any other organization. We’ve developed extensive,  trust-filled relationships  with Latino churches that provide the access to connect with the community at their level. We’ve gained immediate confidence from large corporations and government branches. We’ve mobilized thousands of individuals through our grassroots outreach. We’ve built community bridges and placed many individuals on the path to a better life.

Our message of responsible citizenship, educational attainment, and active engagement in the improvement of the health, environment, and financial well-being of Latino families is resonating at all levels throughout the United States. and it needs to.

By 2050, the Hispanic population is projected to make up 30 percent of the entire U.S. population. The work that we do now is critical to the long-term prospects of this country as a whole. Hispanics need to understand the U.S. tax system and become responsible taxpayers. Latinos need to become advocates of their health and understand the importance of preventative care. Hispanics need to receive a quality education and gain equal access to higher education opportunities.

But, it’s not just about need. It’s about the future of America and making sure we’re all in position to maximize the potential before us.


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